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Candidates Respond to Questionnaire

Over 20% of candidates for the Texas Legislature and State Board of Education responded to a GoArts questionnaire about the importance of fine arts.

View the high-level summary and the three questionnaire segments to see how the candidates answered:

Survey segments:
Benefits of Music Education
Education Priorities
Opportunities to Study Fine Arts

Individual survey responses (PDF):
Below is a list of candidates who responded. Each name links to a PDF of their submitted survey. This information can be a valuable source of information for communicating with your candidates (and, ultimately, your elected representatives). If you don't know who represents you, click here to find your district.

Dist. 1-SBOE-Rene Nunez
Dist. 3-House-Mark Homer
Dist. 3-SBOE-Michael Soto

Dist. 3-SBOE-Tony Cunningham
Dist. 4-House-Lance Gooden
Dist. 5-SBOE-Rebecca Bell-Metereau
Dist. 5-SBOE-Ken Mercer
Dist. 8-Senate-Ed Kless
Dist. 9-House-Kenneth D. Franks
Dist. 9-SBOE-Paul Cardwell
Dist. 9-SBOE-Thomas Ratliff
Dist. 10-SBOE-Judy Jennings
Dist. 11-House-Richard Hackney
Dist. 12-Senate-Mark Frohman
Dist. 13-Senate-Michael Mauldin
Dist. 14-House-Fred Brown
Dist. 15-House-Samuel Calkin
Dist. 15-Senate-John Whitmire
Dist. 17-Senate-Philip Kurtz
Dist. 18-Senate-Patricia Olney
Dist. 18-Senate-Glenn Hegar
Dist. 19-Senate-Carlos Uresti
Dist. 19-Senate-Dick Bowen
Dist. 25-Senate-Arthur Thomas
Dist. 26-House-Phillip Andrews
Dist. 26-House-Charlie Howard
Dist. 29-House-Randy Weber
Dist. 34-House-Connie Scott
Dist. 43-House-J.M. Lozano
Dist. 45-House-Jason A. Isaac
Dist. 47-House-Paul Workman
Dist. 48-House-Donna Howard
Dist. 49-House-Elliott Naishtat
Dist. 50-House-Emily Cowan
Dist. 50-House-Patrick McGuinness
Dist. 51-House-Eddie Rodriguez
Dist. 58-House-John Greene
Dist. 58-House-Tom Stewart
Dist. 61-House-Richard Forsythe
Dist. 69-House-Michael Smith
Dist. 73-House-Robert Nowotny
Dist. 78-House-Joseph Moody
Dist. 78-House-Dee Margo
Dist. 79-House-Joe Pickett
Dist. 82-House-Tom Craddick
Dist. 84-House-Carol Morgan
Dist. 85-House-Joe Heflin
Dist. 87-House-Abel Bosquez
Dist. 87-House-Four Price
Dist. 93-House-Colin F. Sewards
Dist. 101-House-Cindy Burkett
Dist. 106-House-Kirk England
Dist. 106-House-Rodney Anderson
Dist. 112-House-Troy Camplin
Dist. 113-House-Jamie Dorris
Dist. 113-House-Joe Driver
Dist. 125-House-Jeffrey Blunt
Dist. 126-House-Patricia Harless
Dist. 127-House-Joe A. Montemayor
Dist. 131-House-Alma Allen
Dist. 132-House-Silvia Mintz
Dist. 133-House-Kristi Thibaut
Dist. 134-House-Ellen Cohen
Dist. 138-House-Wesley Hamner
Dist. 138-House-Dwayne Bohac
Dist. 141-House-Senfronia Thompson
Dist. 141-House-Michael Bunch
Dist. 147-House-Garnet Coleman
Dist. 148-House-Jessica Farrar
Dist. 150-House-Eric Holdt


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