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GoArts News May 9, 2011:

SB 140 Scheduled for a Hearing in the House Public Education Committee

SB 140, the TAKS pullout bill, is scheduled for a hearing in the House Committee on Public Education on Tuesday, May 10. This bill has already been passed by the Senate on a unanimous vote.  If voted out by the Public Education committee the bill will go to House Calendars and await a scheduled hearing on the House floor. While time is beginning to run out, we have hopes that the bill will make it through the system and be sent to Governor Perry to be signed into law.

Bill language will be substituted that limits the pull out for TAKS remediation to 10% of the days the class meets and requires parental permission to exceed that limit. The substitute bill still includes languge that the policy, to be adopted by each local board of education, applies not just to high school but to grades K–12.


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