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GoArts News August 20, 2012:

This website will be the communications tool we will utilize throughout the upcoming legislative session beginning in January to keep you apprised of any issues that could affect students’ access to arts education. With a new Commissioner of Education, new chairs of the Senate and Public Education Committees, and many new faces in both the House and the Senate, these could be challenging and unsettling times.

We are already beginning work on an agenda for this upcoming session, and we hope you will stay in touch with us through this website. As a follower of goarts.org, you will receive an email each time we post an update. If our post calls for action, we ask that you respond in an expedient and positive manner.

Our next update will include the results of a survey seeking each candidate’s level of interest in supporting arts education. Hopefully these survey results will help you as you prepare to vote in the November Senate, House, and State Board of Education elections.

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